Mafia 4 Wishlist and Improvements

Mafia 4 Wishlist and Features

Yes, we know that there is still a lot of time left for the release of Mafia 4 and that it’s probably not even being considered yet, but we are ready with our Mafia 4 wishlist.

Side missions

The side missions that we got in Mafia 3 were not as great as we expected. They were all too predictable, and they began and ended pretty much the same way, which eventually got boring. This time around, every side mission should be different. We should be able to use our heads more as it would be more entertaining and rewarding.

Mafia 4 Wishlist Features Image

Mafia 4 Wishlist Features Image


Yes, we had a good share of customization in the previous Mafia games, but it would be incredible if we can customize our characters even further. Being able to customize everything about them would be fun – their hair, their shoes, their sunglasses, basically every tiny detail about the characters.

Weapons and cars

Depending on the setting of the game, the characters should be given more weapons including different types of knives, guns and grenades. The weapons that the characters will be using should be according to the era the game is set in. There should also be a variety of choice in cars along with their customization.

Story length and ending

We believe that the story’s length should be increased by a few hours. We will be able to enjoy the storyline and characters more deeply then. The game’s map should also be bigger so that we have more space to explore with the extra hours added to the game’s length. The endings of the game should be different as well so that the game does not become predictable at all. The gaming experience will be elevated a step further if this feature is added to the game.

Clash of the characters

We agree that the main character of the game should be changed, but adding the pervious characters against the new main character will add a much-needed thrill to the game. This play will have people completely hooked, and the battles between them will be epic.


Currently, when your character gets into trouble, people from your gang arrive to help you out and then leave. There should be an option added where you can call in your reinforcements before the battle and you can see entire the danger zone in style.

Engine upgrade Mafia 4 Features

Mafia 3 has a different engine in each version of the game so that it can be compatible with different consoles. Now that almost the entire gaming industry is looking into changing engines to one that will suit all consoles, it is time that Mafia 4 developers look into the same as well.

We know that we may sound a bit over our heads with the Mafia 4 wishlist, but the developers should consider the voice of the masses and maybe incorporate a few things into the new game. That would leave us consumers very pleased.

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