Mafia 4 Story and Location Ideas

The Mafia series has given us a lot of thrilling moments and many hours of entertainment. However, as it is in our nature, there were some aspects of the previous series that we were not satisfied with and then some that we loved and want more of Mafia 4 Story.

The thing that we did not appreciate too much was that the game was set in the 70s, which was well known for its discos and bell-bottoms among other things. The setting did not suit the story so much as it lacked a reality factor, and we all know the importance of being able to relate to the game. That’s where the real joy kicks into play.

Since Mafia 4 has not been released yet and we are expecting it to be launched in the market somewhere in the upcoming years, we have thought of some Mafia 4 storylines and settings for the game which we believe would be great if the developers decided to incorporate.

Mafia 4 Story Location Image

Mafia 4 Story Location Image

Mafia 4 Story: The 80s era set in Las Vegas

Coming out of the 70s, we believe setting the Mafia 4 story in the 80s would give it a classy feel. The story needs to take place in a city that hasn’t already been claimed by another game; by claimed, we mean that we begin to associate that particular city with another game. When we think of mafia, we think of Las Vegas as the relation between the two seems to be very natural for some reason. The characters can be set in various casinos where they can gamble and own a casino as well as take care of it. There could even be a war between two competing casino owners who belong to different mafia gangs. There is so much in that storyline and setting that the developers can play around with and make something fantastic.

The 80s era set in Miami

In Miami, there can be a lot of different types of people involved and not just the mafia. The mafia can go against cowboys, shooting them with guns and aiming their little grenades at them. We can also have drug lords and drug deals made in the middle of the game. If the company goes into a little history about the city and the era, they may find a lot of actual events that they can get a good idea from to create an epic story for the game. The game will then give its users an amazing experience.

Other ideas

The game can also be set in the mid-70s in case the developers would not like to deviate too much from the actual game. It can also be a part of the 20s or 30s, which was the time when people feared the mafia and they had more control over the city.

Basing the game on the real world and how the mafia used to operate would give it a much more epic feel, and we would surely love to play it for hours.


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