Everything You Need to Know About Mafia 4

We have all been thoroughly entertained by Mafia 3, and we have been excepting the news for the release of Mafia 4 to be dropped on us soon, but it seems like that isn’t happening anytime soon. We are highly anticipating the release of the game and cannot wait to get our hands on it and give it a test drive. Until then, we shall discuss a few things we think will happen or should be present in Mafia 4.

Release date

Mafia 3 was launched late in this year (2016), so there is no news of the launch of Mafia 4 and there is a possibility that no such announcement will be made by the developers anytime soon. One thing that we think is true is that Mafia 4 will not be released in the next year; in fact, it might be released after a few years.


We have seen how fast technology is advancing. Almost every year, a different company introduces a new console in the market, which makes the prior one next to being obsolete. Therefore, we are hoping that the developers will understand this fact and make the engine of the game such that it can easily be used on any gaming console. This would make our life much easier and cheaper.

Mafia 4 Game Image

Mafia 4 Game Image

Mafia 4 Story

We have our fingers crossed that the storyline of Mafia 4 will be very different from that of Mafia 3, which will make the game even more attractive. The Mafia game may be predictable in the sense that it will revolve around a gangster setting, but the chances are that the other aspects of the game will be changed. The clan may not be Italian this time and be set in a more modern era.


The games that are now being released by various developers have set our expectations very high. We believe that the features of the game should be added according to the setting of the game. For example, if it is set in the modern age, new weapons, moves, and cars should be added to the game. The graphics of the game also need to be up to par with the expectations of that time. The game itself should have many added features like an enhanced customization tool, a bigger map to explore, and achievements to unlock.


With every release of the new Mafia sequel, the main character and supporting characters change. Hence, we believe that the same trend will be followed for Mafia 4 as well. It is due to this reason that predicting who the main character will be based on is next to impossible, but we do know that we are anxious to find out.

If the developers can bring the game even close to the unreal expectations set by us, we would be completely satisfied with the results and blissfully spend our days on playing the game.

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